DirecTV Versus the Dish Network | DirecTV Versus the Dish Network

Older generations would be flabbergasted by the television entertainment choices we have today. When TV debuted, there were only a few channels from which to choose. Today, hundreds are available at the click of a button.
For many consumers, the biggest decision is whether to choose direct tvĀ for direct broadcast satellite service. As you might suspect, there are pros and cons to each, and it’s not always easy to tell which is best suited to your needs. Below, we’ll briefly compare both subscription services to help you make the right choice.



This is the easiest area to review just because both companies have limited coverage. That is, there are many cities in which you won’t be able to subscribe to one service or the other. If that’s the case, the rest of this comparison is less relevant. On the other hand, many cities can accommodate both.


Programming is an entirely personal preference. Your choice between DirecTV or the Dish Network will depend heavily on the gfggfgfgffgfgftype of shows and events you enjoy watching. For example, if you want an emphasis on music channels, the Dish Network has more of them. They also offer a wider selection of foreign language programs.
If you and your family enjoy sports, DirecTV has more packages. They also include local channels for free (Dish Network charges $5 a month for local channels). Both services offer pay-per-view special events, movies, and adult programming.

Monthly Price

This area becomes murky. Both companies offer some different packages with escalating price points. Each package has a different set of features, which include the number of channels, types of channels and programs, free DVR, and others.
For example, DirecTV has packages starting under $30 a month and scaling up to $90 monthly. The Dish Network starts at $20 and moves up to $73 monthly. Another fact is that package prices may increase after 12 months.

Customer Service And Satisfaction

Both services offer 24-hour customer support online and through telephone contact. Plus, both are rated at the top of the industry with regards to customer satisfaction. If one company were rated significantly higher than the other, it would be much easier to choose from between them. The good news is that regardless of which satellite TV option you select, you’re bound to enjoy the experience.

Best choice

ghghgghghghggfgfMost people who can choose from between cable and digital satellite choose the latter because the experience is better. Regarding your choice between DirecTV and the Dish Network, it may ultimately depend upon your personal television entertainment tastes.

You can talk to your local providers, or you can view comparisons online to help you decide. Also, you can ask relatives or friends who have DirectTV or the Dish Network what they think of the service.