With Netflix, you can now stream any movie that you want at any time. Netflix offers a lot of movies according to the category that you are looking for. The list of whats on Netflix is one of the most searched items. The movies are often updated, and others are removed. A few examples include comedies, dramas, SCI-F, action films, martial arts, and documentaries.

Top five


Released in 2015, dope is a movie that was directed by Rick Famuyiwa. It became available on February 10th. This is a movie hggghghghgggthat is told from the perspective of a black guy who is trying to leave the life of Inglewood California. It is not a feel-good comedy but a movie that ridicules the set notions of culture and race. The director keeps the movie fun and at the same time poses hard questions about the characters and the audience.

The Overnight

This is a movie that was directed by Patrick Brice. It is all about making new friends through discomfort. The characters of the film (Adam Scott) referred to like Alex and (Taylor Schilling) as Emily are strangers from Seattle, who have been in a fake world. Both of them are desperately in need of a guiding companion. The overnight is a warning story of stranger danger. The film provides great performance from Taylor and Schwartzman, who hold a conversation quite well.


Tangerine is about prostitutes, (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) as Sin Dee and (Mya Taylor) as Alexandra, who are working on Santa Monica Boulevard. Sin Dee is the movie heroine who has just finished her prison time and gets to know that her pimp (James Ransone) as Chester had an affair with a white girl. This movie is movie striking, humorous and in a way dodgy because it is filled with great empathy.

Blue is the Warmest Color

Directed by Abdellatif Kechiche blue is the warmest color is a movie that was released in 2013. Its total duration is three hours and is a movie of great epic periods and romance. It is about a beautiful beginning for a young lesbian couple who grew up together and far away from each other at some point in their lives. It is a movie that will make you feel like it is teal life and leave you captivated too. It is a good movie that utilizes its three hours to the maximum.


hghghghghgfffThis is a movie about a girl named Lucy who gets captured and is forced to transport dangerous drugs. Before the transportation, she is hit in the stomach, and the drugs spill and get mixed up with her cells making them start multiplying at a very fast rate. She seeks guidance from a professor (Morgan Freeman) who helps her by explaining exactly what happens. It is a movie that explains how the human brain works and how people perceive things.