There are many occasions when we might be bored of waiting. For example, when we are on the subway, in a cab, or on a flight for more than 45 minutes, there will be a crawling sensation on our hands, forcing us to do something. Perhaps it is because of our habit of spending most of our time checking on the smartphones. We just can’t help it when we have idle hands.

Games can be the savior in such situation. But there are many games to play on a smartphone, and that can be confusing. Don’t waste your time to install apps unless you want games with good graphic with overly-decorated features. Sometimes it is exciting to play games like the old days, when hand dexterity and muscle reflex are all you need to win. If you are interested in this idea, you should try playing browser MMO games. It is simple, user-friendly, and directly competitive.

The following are the top picks for browser MMO games.

Be the biggest devourer in the MMO realm of

agarioThe game concept is simple. The player starts as a small cell on a Petri Dish. And the main goal is to grow as big as possible by devouring pellets, dots, and other players. What is more interesting, the players can team up and compete with other teams.

Although it sounds easy enough to play, growing bigger costs you the speed. Bigger means slower dodging movement. At some points, the player should hold back from becoming bigger, especially where there are multiple enemies around.

This game is fun because of its simplicity, but if you want to rule in the game by overpowering the other players, there are cheats for it. Visit for a review of tested cheat codes. You can get twice or four times of the value of pellets, dots, and eaten opponent cells; you can bend the time to your will so that your cell can move faster, and you can get all sorts of other enjoyment when you apply the cheat codes.

Enter the warring realm of spherical MMO entity in Osmos

OsmosOsmos lets you control a spherical entity called mote. The game’s rule is quite similar with, which is to survive, grow and then devour. The difference is that the visuals and the background music are immersive and atmospheric. The movement of your mote relies on how good you are with predicting the inertia of your tapping power. Tapping too much will propel your mote farther than it should be.

There is a newly introduced feature, time warping, which lets you manipulate the time. But it does not make you more superior to the other players. The challenge is that to adjust to the changing mote’s trajectory, which is relative to the manipulated time.

Compete with your MMO’s partner as snakes in has colorful graphics and is a good alternative if you are bored with round or spherical objects. The game takes the concept from the classic snake game, where, to win, you need to eat all the popping dots and avoid colliding with your tail. The difference is, now you can be on the same screen competing with human players.