Paintball playing is a fun and exciting game that ages 10 and up can enjoy. The game takes a combination of skill and concentration. Sighting in a paintball marker is very easy, but it can also be difficult. The game was invented in 1981, that was the first time the game had ever been played. Paintball guns were mainly used for agricultural purposes.

Now the game is very popular, and the pistols have evolved much much more. There is a lot of things that you have to take into consideration while you aim at a paintball marker.

Sighting in the paintball marker

2Prepare the marker for sighting. You have to make sure that the barrel of the paintball marker is the right size for the paintball to fit through it without any stress. You should take your barrel off and have a paintball at the other end and let it drop through without stopping in the barrel; there should be a little resistance while it is going down the barrel.

The paintball velocity is critical when you pre-sighting in your marker. Next, you will load your paintball marker and shoot it to see if it exceeds 300 feet per second over a chronograph to determined the feet pre second. This is the max speed for the game; it can not go any faster. For this type of game, it needs to be at the right speed to have the best results. The faster you set your marker, the harder it is to sight it in.

Practice makes perfect

The capability of a paintball marker is easy to sight for the most part. The best way to accomplish this is with a lot of practices and patience. And take note that patience is very important with this type of game.

In tournament playing, most markers do not have sights. The best step you can do if it doesn’t have a sight is to take aim by looking down the side of the marker while looking down the barrel.

Taking real aim

3The Top Paintball Marker is equipped with a front sight and a rear sight. Aligning the front sight with the rear sight is the best way. There really is no other way to sight in your paintball marker it is just like sighting in a real firearm. They must be treated as if they are a real firearm. You must always keep your paintball pistol clean and out of reach of young kids.