Company services specialized on window cleaning Surrey BC know how important well-maintained windows are for your house and your bills. Damaged windows may result in the AC unit to work harder due to the cracks and leak of indoor air, increasing the monthly energy bills. In addition to this, the high energy consumption also greatly contributes to human’s carbon footprints, leaving the world more and more polluted in each passing year.  

A lot of people do not acknowledge how important having well-built windows are for their comfort, monthly bills, and the world in general.  


For awareness, homeowners are encouraged to have an energy-efficient home, and one way to do this is to install energy efficient windows. This is associated with the discovery back in the 19th century on how thermal energy works: through conduction, convection, and radiation.  


How do Windows Do This? 


Traditional windows are commonly comprised of hinged encasements made of glass panes, and this is where the standard windows of today have evolved from. However, energy-efficient windows are more advanced than the two.  


What makes the standard windows not energy inefficient? The cracks in the caulking of the windows are what allow the heat to leak. This is why during summer; the heat penetrates effectively into the house as well as cold air during winter and colder seasons.  


According to numerous studies, single-paned windows allow heat to escape up to 10 times compared to well-insulated houses. This results in almost a thousand dollar increase to the energy bills. This is where energy efficient windows become relevant, timely, and effective. Energy efficient windows have several glazes to block the weather elements such as heat and cold air to enter into your home. Some of the most common glazing options that are provided include double tint, double clear, and low emittance coatings. Some of the companies and manufacturers are also putting different types of solar resistant film to prevent absorbing heat from the sun, preventing heat to penetrate the room.  


The following explains the effects of the multi-pane windows when it comes to absorbing heat and conduction of heat loss. 


Double pane windows structure like a sandwich that contains a pad in between two fiberglass and can save homeowners up to 30% annual energy costs. Some of these windows use air for the inner gas while others use argon to have greater insulation. There are also others that manufacture triple-pane windows that contain krypton to make it more efficient.  


The traditional or the standard windows use traditional glass with nothing in between that provide insulation. Although these windows can be single or double-paned, they are inefficient in blocking the sunlight and insulating the indoor air.  


Take away 

There are also some effective ways to reduce heat absorption even when you are using the standard windows in your house. You can use curtains, drapes, and blinds to effectively block the sunlight.  


If you are considering having energy-efficient windows, consider it as soon as you can as it also prolongs your benefits and cut the costs when it comes to electricity bills.